Villa Brisal

Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic

Villa Brisal is strategically located in the city of Jarabacoa in the Central Mountain Range of the Dominican Republic, at the heart of the country, and at 530 m above sea level. It is fifty minutes away from the second biggest city in the country, Santiago with an international airport.

Jarabacoa is known for its rivers, waterfalls, water rafting, and horse riding activities.

The villa has a heartbreaking mountain view,  in the exclusive gated community of Mata de Platano, is private & fully fenced. 

The villa accommodates 14 adults and 3 children. The villa is fully equipped giving you the comfort that you deserve during your vacation in Jarabacoa. 

There are six bedrooms, four with ac and all with ceiling fans and a private bathroom. The villa has two two T.V. rooms a spacious and open deck overlooking the pool and the mountains. The kitchen is fully equipped, there is an inverter for emergency backup electricity,  private and secure parking,  and staff on the premises. You will enjoy a beautiful grass backyard, grill BBQ, and a large swing for children.

The staff is on the premises but in a dedicated outdoor area that does not affect your privacy. The property is cleaned three times per week by our dedicated staff.

You will have the option to schedule additional concierge services such as cooking, massages, and daily cleaning services.

Other Details

Internet, Water and Electricity Services

As an underdeveloped Caribbean Island, seldomly there are internet, water and power outages that are not under our control in reference to when they will happen or for how long. We will do our best by providing you with alternative options whenever possible such as an internet hotspot, a power inverter for emergencies.

Electricity and Gas Charges

We are pleased to include in the price of your reservation the basic electricity consumption estimated to be up to 23 kW per day. Additional charges related will be paid at check out based on consumption. 

The gas heater for the pool and jacuzzi is an optional feature. The charges you will pay are based on consumption and based on the cost of the gallon of gas in the Dominican Republic exclusively. 

Once your reservation is completed you will receive a detailed explanation of how the charges are calculated.

Music Policy

Music is allowed to your enjoyment but the volume cannot disturb the neighbors. The person responsible for the reservation (group leader) must complete our Music / Noise Policy Agreement before arrival at the property. Although we want our guests to enjoy their music, we will restrictedly enforce our music policy. Excess noise in open areas (pool deck) and loud music are prohibited.


For Reservation Quotes – Email or WhatsApp +1 754-273-8584

Meet The Staff

Our friendly staff is committed to ensuring that you absolutely love your stay.



Josefina and her team  are in charge of assisting  with your reservation and answering any questions related to the property and the area!


Client Services & Maintenance

Joseph is in charge of ensuring that you have the most memorable and relaxing vacation of your lives! He is specifically in charge of receiving and checking you out at the property, assuring that everything is in order and assisting you with any needs during your stay. He possesses a passion for excellence, and always strives hard to improve standards and guest satisfaction. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact him!


Housekeeping Services

Angelica and the cleaning team have been taking care of  cleaning the property so it is the best possible conditions at your arrival.

Discount up to 10% seven days prior to your reservation, Fridays and Saturdays do not apply.

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You can pay on this site with  a credit card or you can send us an inquire for booking with payment via bank transfer or zelle.

The maximum capacity of the villa is sixteen including children and infants.

We do not offer babysitting services however you are welcome to bring your staff as part of your group members to assist you with your needs.

Check in is at 11:00 a.m. and check out is at 3:00 p.m.

We can only guarantee early or late procedures if you pay for an additional night. 

At times as a courtesy we may be able to allow an early check in and late check out however this is subject to no others clients checking in our out the same day. We will not be able to know until the date before your check in.

Cancelations up to thirty days from your check in are free of charge. If you cancel three or four weeks before your check in you are entitled to a fifty percent refund. No refunds are granted for cancelations within two weeks your check in date. 

We have a strict music policy, you can enjoy music with friends and family however it cannot disturb the neighbors. The community enforces this regulations. No outdoor speakers or microphones are allowed on the premises.  

The basic daily electricity consumption is included in the reservation price. Any consumption above the basic for the air conditioners, etc will be paid at check out. 

Gas is included for the water heater and stove in your reservation fee. If you heat the jacuzzi and/or pool there will be a fee exclusively based on the consumption of gas. 

You have the option of hiring a cook or getting the services of a massage therapist, please see the concierge services for additional details.